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Perfect Finish Premium Artist Epoxy Resin For Coating Tumblers and Artwork

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Size: 64 oz. Resin & Hardener (32 oz. A + 32 oz. B)


After years of innovation on all our resin formulas and priceless customer feedback, the wait is finally over! Our customers have had a hand in the engineering process to ensure this formula meets the needs of tumbler makers and fine artists encompassing all experience levels.

Resin Rockers Perfect Finish Epoxy Resin was formulated with the tumbler artist and fine artist in mind. It is built to perform seamlessly with most substrates and all techniques involved in tumbler making and canvas coating. Perfect Finish is a low odor, easy to use, high viscosity, 1:1 ratio, 2-part epoxy system that cures to the ultimate crystal clear, scratch-resistant finish. Carefully engineered with UV and HALS for advanced protection against premature yellowing with a long working time and a seamless finish. You will not find better UV protection than with Perfect Finish.

Perfect Finish can be used on all types and variations of tumblers including glitter vinyl, micas, pigment flakes, alcohol inks and more to create that one-of-a-kind piece AND to add a rock-hard topcoat. It can also be used to coat UV Resin tumbler applications such as drips and embellishments.

This formula is the best in its class when it comes to top-coating fine artwork and doming resin pieces. The UV protection is unmatched. It can also be used to topcoat tables and bar tops.  

  • High UV Resistance
  • Crystal Clear
  • Superior Gloss Finish
  • Self-Leveling
  • No Shrinking
  • 100% VOC Free & Low Odor
  • Advanced Formula for Strength & Scratch Resistance
  • 500 degree F heat resistance

EASY Application:

Step 1: Prep
For best results, the ideal working temperature is between 75°-85°F. Work in a clean, dust-free environment with low humidity.

Step 2: Measure
Pour equal amounts of resin and hardener into a mixing container.

  • 20oz Tumbler – 20mL
  • 30oz Tumbler – 30mL
  • 40oz + Tumbler – 40 mL

Step 3: Mix
Stir thoroughly for 1-3 minutes, continuously scraping the sides and bottom of the mixing container. Transfer into a new, clean mixing container and mix again for another 1-2 minutes.

Step 4: Pour
Pour immediately onto your tumbler. Spread epoxy evenly. If bubbles appear, use a propane torch held 6 inches away and sweep rapidly until bubbles disappear. One pass should suffice.

Step 5: Set

For the best curing results, room temperature should remain between 75°-85°F. Cured to the touch in 24 hours, fully cured in 72 hours.

Step 6: Clean up
Wipe down your mixing tools before the resin dries. Uncured resin can be cleaned up with acetone.