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Hey Rockers!

Welcome to our new ‘Spotlight Series’, where we will introduce you to some of the most amazing creators in the epoxy and UV resin world.

Get ready for some serious inspiration today! We’re aiming the spotlight onto a real wizard in the world of UV resin — Daniel Cooper, all the way from the UK. Daniel definitely has a way with resin that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary, and we're here to dish all the details. At the end of this Spotlight, you’ll have access to our newly released “Daniel Cooper Bundle”, which is Daniel approved and available now!

🤘🏻From Epoxy to UV: Daniel's Game-Changer

Daniel's adventure into resin art started with the usual epoxy resin. He liked it, but the long wait for it to set was not what he was looking for. Then, he tried UV resin and it was a game-changer! In his own words, "UV resin completely changed everything for me, it was fast and no mixing of two parts required." The quick-drying magic of UV resin meant he could see his results in minutes, not hours, and that sped up his learning and creating immensely.

🤘🏻Tackling the Tough Stuff

Daniel's journey hasn’t been all smooth sailing — he's had his fair share of rough seas. However, he is the kind of artist who rolls with the punches. "It's very important not to let mistakes or failures put out your flame of inspiration!" he advises. This isn't just talk; it's the very essence of his approach to resin art. For Daniel, every mistake is a chance to get back up, to learn, and to grow. He understands that the path to mastery is paved with trials and errors, and he embraces each one. With an eye for the silver lining and a deep commitment to his craft, Daniel has turned his challenges into stepping stones. He believes in turning 'whoops' into 'wows,' and in the philosophy that the only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing. It is amazing to watch Daniel continue experimenting and evolving, always ready for his next breakthrough technique!

🤘🏻Where Ideas Bloom

Innovation and creativity aren't just buzzwords for Daniel; they're the definition of his work. He finds inspiration in the tiniest details that most of us would overlook. "I could be shopping or walking down the street and I see inspiration everywhere, from nature or textures to treasures and trash," he shares. Daniel has a knack for turning the mundane into the extraordinary and his ability to see the potential in everything fuels his creativity, pushing him to explore and experiment. Whether it's the pattern of leaves on the pavement, the weave of a fabric, or even the way shadows play across a building, Daniel is constantly being pushed creatively by the world around him. His relentless pursuit of inspiration is what keeps his work vibrant, constantly evolving, and endlessly fascinating for his followers!

🤘🏻Daniel's Top Resin Rockers Picks

Daniel Cooper's enthusiasm for some key Resin Rockers products is infectious. He’s got a lineup of favorites that have become staples in his creative process. The MagicCure® Lamp (affectionately nicknamed “The Beast”) is a star in his studio. "It gives me perfect curing results with zero issues!" is how Daniel describes this game-changing lamp. It's not just a lamp; it's the sidekick that ensures his creations cure just right, every single time, with no waiting and no second-guessing.

Next up on Daniels’s list is the Original Formula Hard Type UV resin —our hero product for anyone who’s fought the bubble battle in their resin pieces. It's a winner in Daniel’s book for its reliable, bubble-free results. You can say goodbye to those unwelcome little air pockets that used to lurk in your projects, waiting to ruin the smooth finish! Resin Rockers UV Resin to the rescue!

And finally, there’s the MyCONQUERing line. Daniel is all about MyCONQUERing and creating amazingly unique fidget jewelry that's not only trendy but totally customizable. It's the kind of product that turns a hobby into a statement piece, letting you switch up designs on the fly. You won’t find CONQUERing designs anywhere like Daniels!

🤘🏻Proud Projects

Daniel's proud of all his creations, and there's no denying he's made some stunning pieces with Resin Rockers' tools. One item that's been a game-changer for him is the silicone mat. It's amazing how this simple piece has revolutionized his work. With a hint of excitement he says, "So much can be achieved and so much is still waiting to be unlocked!" This mat isn't just a protective surface for him; it's a blank slate for creation. Daniel has used it to experiment with new techniques like intricate designs and delicate fingerprint patterns that transfer beautifully onto his resin pieces. This tool, basic at first glance, has become an important piece of his creative experiments, showing that with the right tools and a bit of imagination, the possibilities are endless.

🤘🏻Daniel’s Advice for Newbies

Safety and learning from others are Daniel’s key pieces of advice for growing as an artist. He strongly encourages fellow creators to play around and see what they can come up with. "Experiment but do it safely! Be sure to follow the directions for any product you use to reduce mistakes or accidents," he advises. This careful approach makes sure that your creativity isn’t stifled by preventable hiccups. Daniel also recommends learning by observation. Watching other artists’ work can spark ideas and motivate you to branch out into new techniques. By seeing how others solve problems and execute their designs, you can pick up valuable skills that enrich your own creative practice. So, take the time to explore, but always keep an eye on the guidelines, and don't be shy to draw inspiration from the vast community of resin artists out there.

🤘🏻Eye on the Trends

In the always-evolving world of resin art, staying on top of the latest products and trends isn't just fun—it's a way to spark your own creativity. Daniel is always on the lookout for what's new and exciting. "New products are constantly being created for resin artists, it's extremely exciting when something new pops up, even if it is a new mold that goes viral," he shares. Catching a trend early can skyrocket your exposure in the resin community, as well. "Many existing trends evolve, and it could be you who tweaks an existing one and creates the newest trend," he suggests. His approach is to keep an open mind and always be ready to think outside the box. By playing with an idea and making it your own, you could be the one to start the next big wave in resin art. So, don't just follow the trends—try to make your own!

🤘🏻Life Beyond Resin

Daniel’s pretty much all about resin these days! He told us about a time when he took his son to the park to learn to ride his bike, and the park was covered by daisies. He couldn’t stop his mind from drifting to his next resin project! "This is hard, resin has taken over my brain, even in my sleep ," he shares. Family time is golden to Daniel, even if resin is always on his mind.

He admits resin art is his main thing right now, but he’s also itching to try out some new art forms. "I'd like to venture into other art mediums very soon though ," he says. So, while resin is his current love, Daniel's not one to stay still — he’s always looking ahead to what's next. Be sure to follow Daniel on all of his social media channels so you can see what he’s up to!

🤘🏻Keeping up with Mr. Cooper

Daniel’s always cooking up something cool, and while he keeps the details hush-hush, he promises there are exciting things ahead. Daniel keeps his fans in the loop mostly through his YouTube channel. That's where he posts videos showcasing his latest resin projects and updates. He's active on social media too — you can catch the latest happenings on his TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook page. He loves it when people follow him on these platforms because every like, comment, and share supports his work. And if you ever try out one of his resin techniques, he encourages you to tag him in your posts. Daniel is all about seeing how others add their own twist to his ideas. So, give him a follow and join in on the creative fun!

🤘🏻Ready, Set, Create!

We hope you've enjoyed this peek into Daniel's life — a man whose dreams are quite literally set in resin! From his early switch to UV resin, lighting up his art with the MagicCure Lamp, to transforming a simple silicone mat into a canvas of endless potential, Daniel’s journey has been as colorful as his creations. Remember, you can follow his adventures and updates across various social media platforms, where he shares his latest creations and the inspiration behind them. And if you feel a spark of creativity, don't hesitate to tag him in your own resin artwork. If you’re feeling the spark already and want to get started, check out the Daniel Cooper Bundle, so you can craft like Daniel!  The Daniel Cooper Bundle includes our creator-favorite, the MagicCure®Lamp, a jar of Resin Rockers Silver Holographic Pigment Powder, the most popular size bottle of Resin Rockers UV Resin Hard Type Original Formula 250g, as well as our Exclusive Cabochon Mold!  This bundle is Daniel approved, and it gives you the exact same tools that Daniel uses.  We can’t wait to see what you create!

Thanks for diving into the world of Daniel Cooper, a true Resin Rocker at heart, who reminds us that with curiosity and lots of passion, the possibilities are truly endless. Keep creating, keep sharing, and who knows — you might just be the next to inspire a trend in the resin art community!