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Tumbler Artist Essential Tools Starter Kit for Epoxy Resin Art

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Introducing the Tumbler Artist Essential Tools Starter Kit for Epoxy Resin Art—a comprehensive set that empowers you to transform ordinary tumblers into personalized works of art!

This kit includes:

Resin Rockers Official White Workspace Mat
Ms. Mandy's famous resin mat! This has the perfect white background for videos! Rock out with us and show your Resin Rocker spirit! This is a must-have for all resin artists! Easy to wash and re-use.

Mat -
400x300x1mm (roughly the size of a placemat)
Material: Silicone
Color: White

5 Silicone Stiring Sticks 
NO MORE WOODEN STICKS! Keep your epoxy resin crystal clear and bubble-free by eliminating wooden stir sticks. Wooden sticks are dirty and very porous, causing more bubbles and dusty particles in your resin. Wipe clean while the epoxy is still liquid, or let it cure and peel off the stick.

Tumbler Blanks: This kit includes 2 black 40 oz.tumblers with handles, providing a durable canvas for your creative vision. Additionally, you'll receive one 20 oz and one 30 oz sublimation tumbler blanks to add variety to your collection. Craft personalized tumblers for yourself or as thoughtful gifts for friends and family.

Resin Rockers Perfect Finish Epoxy Resin 64 oz.
This epoxy was formulated with the tumbler artist in mind. It is built to perform seamlessly with most substrates and all techniques involved in tumbler making and crafts. Perfect Finish is a low odor, easy to use, medium viscosity, 1:1 ratio, 2-part epoxy system that cures to the ultimate crystal clear, scratch-resistant finish. Carefully engineered with UV and HALS for advanced protection against premature yellowing with a long working time and a seamless finish.

Noodle Cuff Set for Tumbler Vinyl Application: Make vinyl application a breeze with our Noodle Cuff Set. Achieve precision and perfection in your designs, whether you're applying intricate patterns or custom decals.

Straight Edge Assistance for Tumbler Making: Ensure straight lines and flawless designs with the Straight Edge Assistance tool. This essential accessory makes tumbler creation more accessible, helping you consistently achieve clean and professional results.

Fabric and Vinyl Cutter for Tumbler Making: The Fabric and Vinyl Cutter is your go-to tool for precision cutting, allowing you to create intricate designs easily. Customize your tumblers with fabric or vinyl elements, adding texture and depth to your artistic creations.**Razor Not Included. Made for a .75 x 1.5-inch blade.

V-Split Easy Corner Cutter Tool:
This tool allows your to cut flawless V splits for both 20 and 30oz skinny tumblers. Trace the outside for the 30oz and the inside for the 20oz.

Adjustable Support Stand:
The Adjustable PVC Support Stand can adjust from around 2.8 to 4.4 inches. Great for keeping your tumbler arms level!

Tumbler Pipe Stand:  Tumbler stand for a 3/4 in PVC Schedule 40 pipe. Dimensions are 4.5 in x 4.5 in x 4 in. **PVC Pipe is not Included

Swifty Sander Easy Sanding Tool:
This handy curved tool will help you sand your tumblers with ease! *Sandpaper Not Included


Elevate your tumbler crafting experience with the Tumbler Artist Essential Tools Starter Kit—a must-have for beginners and experienced creators alike. Unleash your creativity and turn everyday tumblers into personalized masterpieces!