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20% Off UV Resin Complete Starter Kit

Want to make the most out of your free class?

Purchase our UV Resin Beginners Kit, to have everything you need to follow along with Mandy and ask any questions, live!

  • Everything you need to create projects with Resin as a first timer or beginner! 
  • 100 Gram bottle of UV Resin. A premium-quality UV resin ensures quick curing, a perfect finish, and crystal clear, long-lasting results.
  • Our Mini UV Resin Lamp! Completely Portable, Handheld, and Rechargeable, with 60 second timer
  • 2 New Glitters to try out! 
  • PLUS: The molds to create a keychain, a dog tag, a necklace bezel, a ring, a 3D fish, and more!
  • Check out the video that Mandy recorded to see everything that's included in this Kit! 

This offer is only available on this page, and expires in 30 minutes. You won't be able to access this 20% off + free shipping (US 48 only) later on.

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