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CONQUERing Oval Blank Element for DIY Silver or Gold Jewelry

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Color: Silver
Style: Open Back
Size: Single Bezel

Get this fidget ring element blank as an open or closed circle. Available in silver and gold!

When CONQUERing created this spinner they thought of it as a reminder to create space in your life for what makes you happy (the open center) and also to feel empowered to set boundaries for those things that don’t serve your purpose (the outline).

That said, this design leaves a lot of room for interpretation on what you need it to mean. 

While being open in the center, the outside of the spinner is still a closed circle. The spinner could represent unity if you feel like the people in your life form a union of support for you. It could also represent strength if you feel like you need a little extra boost to tackle everything that comes your way in life. 

This spinner could also represent feeling satisfied with what you currently have in life. In today’s current climate, it can be easy to compare yourself to others, yearning for what they have. This spinner serves as a reminder that you have worked so incredibly hard to get to the place you are today and it’s important to feel gratitude for everything you do have. 

When you wear this spinner, it is up to you to decide what purpose you need it to serve. If you need a little extra strength, a moment to appreciate what you have, or you want to feel gratitude for the people who love you, this spinner will be there for you. You can also gift this spinner to someone in your life that might need a little extra support to remind them that you are there for them. 

Sizing Information: 

CONQUERing uses standard ISO sizing, so if you already have a ring that fits and you know its size, you can order the same size in a CONQUERing.

If you're not sure of your size we can send you a ring sizer here, or visit "How Do I Find My Ring Size" for tips on measuring your finger and a sizing chart.

Pro tip: If you're between sizes, we suggest selecting the larger size to make it easier to take on and off for fidgeting.

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