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Endless Love Snow Globe Chunky Ballpoint Pen Soft Coat UV Resin Crafting Kit

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**Use Resin Rockers Soft Coat UV Resin around the rim of the seal will create a rubbery grip to ensure your pen stays secure. We recommend brushing Resin Rockers Soft Coat UV Resin around the seal, curing, and then reassembling your pen.**

Customize pens with a snow globe effect filled with liquid and exclusive vibrant glitters to match your Valentines mood or style! Indulge in a whimsical writing experience and bring a dash of endlessly sparkly love to everyday tasks. This kit includes :

**Please keep in mind, due to the design of these pens, there is not much room for an entire barrel of ink, so the ink will need to be refilled more quickly than a traditional ink pen. You can find refills here.

What's in the kit?
-10 pens with fillable chambers (silver)
-2 oz. bottle of Snow Globe Solution with a built-in nozzle
-2 oz. bag of Endless Love Exclusive Resin Rockers Glitter Mix
-Exclusive Resin Rockers Cupid Valentines Decals
-10 g Resin Rockers Soft Coat UV Resin
-BONUS glitter spoon! (random color)
-1 3D printed PLA Snow Globe Pen Stand (random color - Teal or Pink)

Suggested Items: 
-Pen Crafting Dowel Holders Set of Two
-Cotton swabs