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MediMix 24 Pack Polymer Clay and Glitter Shape Kit with FREE Tube Compartment Container Crafting Organizer Box

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Made specifically for medical professionals, the MediMix Clay and Glitter Shape Variety Pack is here! If you're looking for a variety of medical-themed polymer clay pieces and glitter shapes for your resin art, this box is for you! As a bonus, you will receive this FREE Tube Compartment Container Crafting Organizer Box. This plastic organizer box contains 24 tubes with screw-on lids, and the box lid secures with a snap! Each container is filled with a different polymer clay or glitter shape design. These look great in our shaker molds!

24 Designs Included: 
  • Stethoscope Glitter Shapes
  • Bone Glitter Shapes
  • Blood Drop Clay
  • Heartbeat Clay
  • Baby Shower Clay
  • Band-Aid Clay
  • Teeth Clay
  • Urine Sample Clay
  • Syringe Clay
  • Nurse Hat Clay
  • Red Happy Pills
  • Blue Happy Pills
  • Yellow Happy Pills
  • Bones Clay
  • Stethoscope Clay
  • Teddy Bear Clay
  • Bunch of Balloons Clay
  • Happy Flowers Clay
  • Sunflower Clay
  • Virus Clay
  • Multicolor Glitter Shapes
  • Cancer Awareness Clay
  • Emotional Emojis Clay
  • Heart Glitter Shapes

*No color fading or bleeding
- Safe for resin art, tumbler making, dry or liquid shakers, slime, nail polish, crafts, soap making, etc.
- High heat resistance
- Solvent resistant
- High quality
- Ships from the US - Fast shipping

Material: Polymer Clay & Glitter Shapes