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Mini Candy Canes for Resin Art

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Color: Red & White

The Mini Candy Canes for Resin Art are adorable additions to your resin art projects. These candy canes are made of resin and are designed to resemble the classic red and white candy canes.

Each bag contains 10 mini candy canes, providing you with plenty of options to incorporate them into your coasters, trays, snowglobes, and other resin art creations. The candy canes are approximately an inch tall and 0.3 inches wide, making them small and delicate accents that add a festive touch to your designs.

To use these mini candy canes in your resin art, simply embed them into the resin while it is still in its liquid state. Arrange them in your desired pattern or position and let the resin cure according to the manufacturer's instructions. The candy canes will become a permanent part of your resin art, creating a charming and festive effect.

These mini candy canes are perfect for adding a touch of holiday cheer to your resin art pieces. Whether you're creating Christmas-themed coasters, trays, or snowglobes, these candy canes will enhance the festive atmosphere and bring a sense of joy to your creations.

Please note that these candy canes are made of resin and are not edible. They are meant for decorative purposes only. Avoid direct contact with food or beverages when using them in your resin art projects.

Embrace the festive spirit with these Mini Candy Canes for Resin Art. Their small size and charming design make them perfect for adding a delightful touch to your resin creations.


Material: Resin

QTY: 1 bag with 10 mini candy canes - red and white in color

Size: Each candy cane is approximately an inch tall and .3 inches wide