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Professional 16pc Natural Hair Makeup Brush UV Resin Blank Set with Marbled Box

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This is a high quality, premium grade, 16 piece makeup brush set, perfect for UV Resin and epoxy, made with real natural goat hair and brass ferrules, these brushes are top notch. Wooden, sturdy handles and pre-painted making customization easy, these are built to last.

  • Wooden Handle: There is no comparison between working with a plastic handle vs. a nice, solid wooden handle. It is pre-coated and ready for resin.
  • Goat Hair Bristles: This type of hair has a natural cuticle that picks up just the right amount of makeup, making the bristles best for a powder-based product. Unlike synthetic hair, it is an ideal choice for applying and blending makeup.
  • Brass ferrules: These are much thicker/brighter/durable than your typical aluminum ferrule, which can be easily scratched and not as durable.
  • Unbleached Hair: Goat hair is super soft, and to keep it that way, it is kept in its original color-milk yellow, not to mention it is better for yolur skin.
  • Professional Grade
  • Comes in a nice, marbled, blank box, ready for your branded sticker so you can easily ship the end set to your customers