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35 Piece Blue Variety Dried Pressed Real Natural Flowers For Epoxy & UV Resin Art

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Blue Blooms Galore! Get Ready to Resin-Rock Your Art with our 35-Piece Blue Variety Dried Pressed Real Natural Flowers for Epoxy & UV Resin Art!

Dive into a Sea of Stunning Blue with our beautiful assortment of dried and pressed flowers. These real, natural blossoms will make your resin creations bloom with style and elegance. Each flower is hand-picked and carefully preserved, ensuring its vibrant color and unique shape remain intact.

Whether you're a resin artist, a scrapbooking enthusiast, or a DIY mastermind, these blue beauties are here to unleash your creativity! Sprinkle them on your resin projects, craft unique greeting cards, bedazzle your nail art, or add a touch of nature to your candle making. The possibilities are as endless as the ocean!

But wait, there's more! Not only do these blossoms bring an enchanting touch to your resin art, but they also work wonders in decorating photo books, wedding invitations, and even keychains! Let your imagination run wild as you transform dishes, trays, and wall hangings into stunning works of art using the magic of resin.

Please note: These flowers are the real deal, so expect each piece to be as unique as a unicorn. Size and color variations may occur, but that only adds to the charm and individuality of your creations. Embrace the beauty of Mother Nature in every resin-filled adventure!

Don't miss out on this bloomin' good deal! Order your 35-Piece Blue Variety Dried Pressed Real Natural Flowers today and let your resin art blossom with endless possibilities!

Flowers in Action  

Natural pressed flowers

Size: 5.5 x 4 inches

QTY: 1 pack per order (35 pieces)