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Classic Killer Cup Snow Globe Tumbler Starter Kit 24 oz

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Unleash your creativity with the ultimate toolset to craft the drinkware of your dreams...or nightmares! Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your crafting journey, our Classic Killer Cup Snow Globe Tumbler Starter Kit is perfect for bringing those killer designs to life!

🔪 What's Inside:

  • Showgirls Chunky Glitter Mix (2 oz. bag): Add a mesmerizing sparkle to your creations with this show-stopping glitter mix. Perfectly chunky to add texture and shine!
  • 24 oz. Snow Globe Tumbler Blank with Straw: Our premium-quality tumbler blank provides the ideal canvas for your masterpiece. Complete with a straw, this snow globe tumbler looks great and functions beautifully.
  • Killer Combo Set of Polymer Clays (6): A diverse set of colors handpicked to let you design, sculpt, and add depth to your tumbler creations.
  • Knife Polymer Clay Shapes: Crafted with precision, these knife shapes can seamlessly integrate into your tumbler design, ensuring your drinkware is edgy.
  • Redrum Red Quick Drip UV Resin (100g Bottle): Dive into the world of UV Resin with our quick drip formula. The Redrum Red gives your tumbler a murderous glow, setting it apart from any regular drinkware. UV-curable for faster and more resilient finishes!

Application Ideas: Perfect for Halloween, thriller movie nights, or anyone who appreciates a bit of edginess in their everyday items. Pair it with dark aesthetics or give it a pop of color with the Showgirls glitter mix.

🌟 Safety & Quality Assured: All components in this kit are sourced to ensure they're of the highest quality, ensuring your tumbler creations last for ages.

Bring out the artist in you and let your imagination run wild with our Classic Killer Cup Snow Globe Tumbler Starter Kit. Get ready to sip with a twist! 🖤🔪

Always use the provided products under adult supervision and in a well-ventilated space. Safety first!