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Pool Day Bundle

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Make a splash with our "Pool Day" Bundle!

Calling all water enthusiasts! Get ready to make a splash with our "Pool Day" Bundle. This carefully curated collection includes everything you need to bring the joy and essence of poolside fun to your resin creations.

Capture the charm of the ocean with our UV Safe Sea Turtle Keychain Silicone Mold. Craft adorable sea turtle-themed keychains that will transport you to a world of serene underwater beauty. As one artist joyfully exclaimed, "This mold is turtle-y awesome! It's the perfect companion for creating resin art that brings the ocean's magic to life."

Let your imagination swim freely with our Happy Seahorse Keychain Mold. Create enchanting seahorse-themed keychains that embody the whimsical spirit of these delightful creatures. 

For those who love the grandeur of the deep blue, our UV Safe Double Whale or Mermaid Tail Dangle Earring Mold is a must-have. Dive deep into your artistic journey and craft mesmerizing earrings inspired by the grace and mystique of whales and mermaids. 

Bring a touch of beachy elegance to your resin creations with our Shell Trio Keychain or Dangle Earring Mold. Create stunning keychains or earrings adorned with beautiful shells, capturing the essence of coastal charm. T

With our "Pool Day" Bundle, the possibilities are as endless as the shimmering waters.  Dive into the depths of your creativity and watch your resin art come alive with the joy and vibrancy of poolside adventures!