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Shark Week Inspired Bundle

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Dive into the deep blue with our "Shark Week Inspired Bundle" - Unleash Your Inner Shark!

Calling all resin artists and shark enthusiasts! Get ready to make a splash with our exclusive "Shark Week Inspired Bundle." This bundle is designed to help you create jaw-dropping shark-themed resin art pieces that will have everyone swimming with excitement.

Make a fin-tastic statement with our Shark Straw Topper Silicone Mold. Craft unique and eye-catching straw toppers that will make sipping a drink an underwater adventure. As one artist said, "This epoxy mold is the missing piece to my shark-tastic creations!

Take a bite out of creativity with our Shark Stud Earring Mold. These adorable shark-shaped earrings are sure to make waves among your customers. Let your imagination swim free as you explore different color combinations and designs.

To add some extra sparkle to your creations, we've included the Silver Bullet Pixie for Poxy Micro Fine Glitter. It's the perfect complement to your shark-themed resin pieces, adding a touch of shimmer and shine. As one artist exclaimed, "This glitter is the 'jaws'-dropping element that takes my resin art to the next level!"

And if you're looking for a glitter that captures the enchanting beauty of the ocean, look no further than our Aurora Borealis Blue Holographic Pixie for Poxy Micro Fine Glitter. This mesmerizing glitter will make your shark-inspired creations truly something special. Get ready to make waves with every stroke of your resin brush.

With our "Shark Week Inspired Bundle," you can immerse yourself in the thrilling world of marine life and showcase your love for sharks through stunning resin art. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting your resin journey, this bundle is sure to make a splash.

So, why wait? Grab your brushes, mix your resin, and let your creativity swim alongside these magnificent creatures of the sea. Order the "Shark Week Inspired Kit" today and sink your teeth into an ocean of resin art possibilities!