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Winter Wonderland Snowflake Snow Globe Tumbler Starter Kit 24 oz

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$32.99 - $44.99


Create your own Winter Wonderland Snowflake themed snow globe tumbler with our easy starter kit! Choose your kit with or without our amazing UV Resin!

What's in the Kit:


  • Spray Bottle with Pointed Nozzle for Bubble Elimination
  • 1 Pack of 5 Shaker Film
  • 1 pair of fine slanted tweezers
  • Large flex zip ties
  • UV/LED Lamp 24-54W (we are releasing one later this summer)
  • Drill with 5/16" drill bit (you will need to drill two holes)
  • Clear Elmer's Glue, contact solution, or vegetable glycerine to fill tumbler
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