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Resin Rockers 1:1 Gallon Epoxy Resin Bundle Starter Kit with Tools & Mica Powder

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This Resin Rockers 1:1 Epoxy Resin Bundler is great as a starter kit for those getting started with epoxy, allowing you to create more than just a couple things.  It comes with everything you need to get started and they make fabuous gifts!

What's in the Kit?
  • 1 Gallon Kit of Resin Rockers Crystal Clear 1:1 Epoxy Resin
  • 1 Ms. Mandy's XL Official Resin Rockers White Silicone Workspace Mat (16 x 22 inches)
  • 1 XL Silicone Reusable Epoxy Resin Stirring Stick
  • 1 500ml Official Resin Rockers Reusable Measuring Cup
  • 1 20g Bag of Resin Rockers Pearl Pro Mica Powder (color is a mystery)

Everything ships from the US SUPER FAST! All Resin Rockers products are high quality and hand-picked by the family. Formula is FDA Compliant.