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"Do what you love, share it with the world, and your life will be full of happiness"

The Resin Rocker Story

Resin Rockers is a family-owned, US-based business full of passionate crafters with a mission to provide resin artists with a vast selection of premium-quality resin art supplies so they can stay ahead of what is trending and offer their end customers the latest and greatest custom, handmade items. We want our creators to feel confident about the quality they are delivering to their customers.

Resin Rockers is also aimed at helping beginner artists try their hand at the art of casting in resin. With a large variety of starter kits that include video tutorials, Resin Rockers makes it easy for anyone to get started with a variety of fun projects!

What distinguishes us?

The Resin Rockers team personally tests our products in-house for quality. This means we are able to provide top-notch customer service and answer questions about any of our products! The entire team strives for satisfied customers, and we are happy to help at anytime. We offer advice that is best for our customers, not our pocketbook, because we believe that your success is our success!

More importantly...

We have fun! A lot of creativity and thought goes into every product, even the names (most of them are music-themed because our family is made up of musicians). We are always adding new items to the store so we can provide creators with everything they need to dive in and create the best, one-of-a-kind, memorable piece that will last forever.

Mandy Hull, CEO, Resin Rockers

What You Should Know...

We have spent countless hours researching and developing many formulas of resin in an effort to deliver formulas that are well-known for clarity, ease of use, fast cure times, premium quality yellow-resistant properties, and bubble prevention.

Resin Rockers UV Resin (OURS ISN'T STICKY!!!!)
Resin Rockers UV Resin is an easy-to-use, no-mixing, one-part formula for artists and crafters on a mission to cast with minimal cure time. Artists can also seal acrylic blanks, create crystal-clear jewelry, accessories, keychains, pens and pencils, and more. The possibilities are endless!

Epoxy Deep Pour Resin and Coating & Casting Resin
For artists and crafters who prefer to work with A/B two-part epoxy resin for larger pieces and different mediums, we offer our Resin Rockers 1:1 mixing ratio resin. This formula is best suited for shallow pours and has a 24-hour cure time. The Resin Rockers Deep Pour 2:1 mixing ratio resin has a longer working time and allows for a 4-inch pour capability.

Inclusions and More!
Of course, depending on what you put in it, resin becomes much more interesting. Our hand-picked inclusions vary from exclusive, hand-mixed glitter to premium chameleon powder and flakes. For those working with pens and jewelry, we also offer charms and bezels that are sure to put the perfect touch on a finished piece.

Last but not least, there is nothing more frustrating than purchasing a mold or resin product, not knowing where to start with it, and not having the support you need. This happened to Mandy, CEO of Resin Rockers, and was very frustrating! "I don't want my customers to give up after one failed product. I want them to try again and do it with confidence knowing we will be here to help them when they need it," says Mandy. Resin Rockers strives to develop tutorial videos to guide our artists every step of the way when it comes to getting started. "Education is priceless."

Have fun choosing your resin and all the fun things to go along with it! We enjoy makin' your cast an absolute blast!