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Introducing the Resin Rockers Exclusive Zindee Keychain Crafting Kit – a creative haven for crafting enthusiasts! We've teamed up with to bring you 7 exclusive acrylic blanks and vinyl decals to create your own DIY keychains with UV resin and all the goodies included in the kit!

What's inside the kit:

  1. Exclusive Zindee Blanks and Decals: Unleash your creativity with Zindee's unique selection of acrylic blanks and decals. 7 blanks and decals included!

  2. 7 Keychain Attachments with Jump Rings: Connect your creations seamlessly with the included keychain attachments and jump rings. These sturdy components ensure durability, making your keychains both functional and fashionable.

  3. 7 Keychain Tassels: Add a playful flair to your keychains with the vibrant tassels included in the kit.

  4. 12-pack Glitter Sampler: Elevate your keychain designs with a touch of sparkle using this glitter sampler. Experiment with 12 dazzling glitters, ranging from subtle shimmers to bold and vibrant hues, to achieve the perfect personalized look.

Whether you're a seasoned crafter or a beginner exploring the world of resin art, the Resin Rockers Exclusive Keychain Crafting Kit for UV Resin is your go-to companion for crafting fun!

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