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Resin Rockers is thrilled to introduce our first Creator of the Month, Adriana Hofmann, the talented artist behind Art by Adrie LLC! Adriana's unique artwork and creative craftsmanship have captured the hearts of many and we can’t wait to introduce her to all of you. In this very first 'Creator of the Month’ post, we delve into Adriana's journey as a crafter, her inspiration, challenges, and successes, as well as her favorite Resin Rockers products. Let's get to know the artist behind the art!

Adriana began her crafting adventure by sharing her artwork on Instagram, where she would post mesmerizing timelapse videos. Little did she know that her artistic journey would take a delightful turn when she discovered the world of "Cricut" and resin molds!  Adriana realized she could transform her artwork into captivating items like keychains, reels, and magnets. Starting as a fun hobby for friends and family, Adriana's passion for crafting grew quickly, leading her to sell her digital artwork on Etsy and explore acrylic blanks. Crafting became her solace after long, stressful shifts as a 911 dispatcher. Over time, her skills developed, and today, Adriana is a full-time crafter, sharing her knowledge and inspiring others.

Artistry has always been a part of Adriana's life. She initially started as an artist, driven by a desire to create something special for her niece. With a canvas, paint, and sheer determination, she discovered her love for painting in 2012. In 2019, Adriana embraced the digital realm, acquiring her first iPad to explore the world of digital art. The pandemic year of 2020 became a turning point for Adriana as she mastered the art of creating SVG files, introducing her to the vibrant and supportive community that she cherishes deeply.

Inspiration flows into Adriana's artistic process from her life experiences and the creative individuals she has encountered along the way. Her participation in the Disney College Program left an indelible mark on her, reminding her of the joy she felt when bringing magic to others, even in the smallest ways. Crafting keychains rekindles those precious memories, and Adriana finds inspiration in the happiness she can create for others. Collaborating with friends further fuels her creativity, adding new dimensions to her work.

Like any artist, Adriana has faced challenges along her creative journey. One significant hurdle has been silencing the negative voice that occasionally questions her talent when surrounded by exceptional artists. She has learned to overcome self-doubt, emphasizing the importance of crafting for personal fulfillment and taking breaks when needed. Adriana believes in nurturing her own creativity, allowing herself to reset and come back stronger.

Amidst the challenges, Adriana has achieved remarkable success in her craft. A defining moment came when she made 35 badge reels for her fellow dispatchers at work. During a casual conversation about starting a business, a co-worker doubted her ability to turn her hobby into a full-time pursuit. Undeterred, Adriana proved them wrong! Eight months later, she took the leap, quitting her job, establishing Art by Adrie LLC, and dedicating herself to doing what she loves every single day. It marked the ‘beginning of the best year of her life’, says Adriana. Another significant achievement occurred when she was invited to showcase her gumball shaker keychains, created using Resin Rockers UV Resin, in our exclusive monthly crafting kit, the Rockabox. Completing that order has become a cherished memory for Adriana.

When it comes to Resin Rockers products, Adriana has a particular favorite: the original UV Formula. It has become a staple in her craft room, although she regrets ordering the small bottle initially (she emphasizes to all readers:  ALWAYS GET THE BIG BOTTLE!)  Adriana also adores the Magic Cure Lamp and the Resin Rockers Quick Drip, as they add a playful touch to her pieces.

In true Resin Rockers fashion, we asked Adriana to choose a song that best represents her and her business.  Adriana enthusiastically selected "High Hopes" by Panic! at the Disco. Being a dedicated fan during her high school years, the release of this song became an anthem of inspiration for her. It sums up the optimism and ambition that drives Adriana to pursue her creative passions and embrace the endless possibilities that lie ahead. Just like the spirited melody of "High Hopes," Art by Adrie radiates a sense of optimism, happiness, and the unwavering belief in the power of artistic expression.

Join us in congratulating our first Creator of the Month: Art by Adrie!

Want to check out some of Adries work?  You can find her at all the links below. 

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Jennifer Cox

I became a ArtbyAdrie svg customer a couple years back. I fell in love with her creativity and her visions. Fast forward a couple years and I’m so privileged to call Adrie a friend and mentor! She has amazing talent and so much creative visions she doesn’t have time for it all! She is an amazing person inside and out! Im so glad she’s getting such amazing recognition! Adrie I’m so proud of you and the huge obstacles you have overcome and continue to overcome and the huge success you are becoming. I know doors will continue to open for you in the future! Im so proud of you! Love you hun! -Jenn, John, and of course Ben

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This box absolutely knocked it out of the park! I was so excited to get this one and was not disappointed at all. My favorite shakers were the snail and the daisy. The snail I fell in love with lol. I love that there was different options on how to make the finished products. It was just a 10/10!! I aso love this back story on Adriana and her talent!