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November is here, and that means it's time to introduce you to our newest Creator of the Month, Vienna Casias, the creative force behind Creatively V! Vienna's artistic journey is a charismatic blend of DIY passion and crafting ingenuity, and her story will surely inspire your own creative endeavors. Read on to learn more about Vienna and her creativity!

Vienna's journey into the crafting world began long before her official business launch. Like many of us, she has always been a DIY enthusiast, creating gifts, cards, and home decor with love and dedication. However, it was in 2019 that she took her crafting to the next level with the introduction of her trusty Cricut machine. Her venture into the world of tumblers truly ignited her creative spark, however. In 2020, she tackled the art of crafting tumblers, and that's when her artistic journey gained real, measurable momentum. Vienna's path is a testament to the transformative power of pursuing one's passions, even when it means stepping into uncharted creative territory. With risk comes great reward! 

Vienna's source of inspiration is as fascinating as her creations. She finds inspiration in patterns, reveling in the beauty of different styles and designs. In a world brimming with inspiration, Vienna's focus on patterns is a unique and refreshing perspective. It reminds us to open our eyes to the creativity in the everyday, in patterns that surround us.  Take those patterns and see how you can apply them to your next project!

 Every artist faces their own set of challenges, and for Vienna, it's about pushing her creative boundaries. Her biggest challenge lies in moving outside of what's familiar to her and embracing new designs and styles. The comfort of what she knows sometimes holds her back from exploring the unexpected, much like all of us.  This challenge is yet another reminder that taking creative risks often leads to the most rewarding outcomes. It's in those unexpected territories that artists discover new facets of their talent and find inspiration that can propel their work to new heights!

Vienna's journey has seen significant successes, with her Snowglobe Tumblers being just one standout achievement. Her passion for creating these unique tumblers is evident in her tutorial videos, which she generously shares with her followers. These videos not only showcase her creativity but also serve as a valuable resource for those eager to learn and grow in their craft. The spirit of sharing and supporting others is a cornerstone of Vienna's artistic journey, which is just one reason why we are so happy to have her as a Resin Rockers Affiliate. Her commitment to helping others navigate their own creative process is an embodiment of the collaborative and nurturing spirit within the Resin Rockers community. 

Speaking of Resin Rockers, we are so happy to have Vienna as a member of our amazing community of crafters.  Vienna's favorite Resin Rockers product is the Resin Rockers Original Formula Hard Type UV Resin. Her selection isn't random, but instead a reflection of her dedication to sourcing the finest materials for her craft. Vienna discovered this product through recommendations from her viewers, who gave high praise for iits quality and effectiveness. The reliability and consistency of the Original Formula UV Resin has made it an essential tool in Vienna's creative process. Vienna says that Resin Rockers' innovative product offerings have not only enhanced her craft but also introduced her to a world of quality resin supplies! Vienna, we are so happy to hear that! 

As we celebrate Vienna, our Creator of the Month for November, we're reminded of the joy and energy that being creative brings into our lives. We ask all 'Creators of the Month' to share one song that represents them and their business.  Vienna's choice was "Dance the Night Away" by Dua Lipa, the perfect song to remember the spirited late-night crafting sessions filled with laughter and creativity that Vienna has shared with her amazing followers! It's another great song choice that perfectly represents the sense of community and camaraderie that surrounds many of us within the crafting community. 

Vienna's journey is a testament to the power of patterns, inspiration, and a willingness to venture beyond one's comfort zone. Her commitment to sharing her craft and uplifting others in the crafting community is an inspiration to all.  Join us in celebrating Vienna's artistry and let her story inspire you to follow your creative passions, wherever they may lead!

We hope you've enjoyed getting to know Vienna Casias and Creatively V, our fantastic Creator of the Month. To connect with Vienna and explore her incredible work, be sure to follow her on various social media platforms. You can find her under the handle @creativelyv on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Her consistent online presence reflects her dedication to the crafting world. Also, don't miss out on the vibrant Facebook community 'Snowglobe Tumblers and More', where Vienna's craft comes to life.

Want to check out Vienna's work?  You can find her at all the links below! 

🤘Website • 🤘TikTok • 🤘Instagram • 🤘Facebook

Stay tuned for more inspiring creators and their remarkable journeys in the upcoming editions of our Creator of the Month series.