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🌟 Meet Heather Brown: Crafting Through Life's Twists and Turns🌈

Hey there, Resin Rockstars! 🌟✨ Today, we're stepping into the vibrant world of Heather Brown, the creative force behind Midnight Serenity, and trust us, her story is nothing short of inspiring.

Heather's crafting journey kicked off in the whirlwind of motherhood, just after her eldest, now 23, made her debut. A devoted and talented scrapbooker, she poured her heart into preserving those precious moments. Fast forward five years and life got a bit busier with the arrival of her youngest child. Crafting took a back seat, unfortunately, but Heather never lost her creative touch.

Inspiration for Heather is a combination of other incredible creators and the voices of her customers. She's not just creating; she's crafting a community-driven experience. "Listen to what they say. I create based on feedback many times," Heather shares. 

Heather's biggest challenge? Doubting her abilities. It's a struggle many creators face—fear of not being "good enough" or facing criticism. But here's the twist—Heather pushes through. She embraces authenticity, proving that doubts are just stepping stones to greater things. Heather is also the FIRST person to lend an encouraging word or a helpful bit of advice when it comes to crafting or just life in general. She has learned so much on her journey, and she is always willing to share her knowledge with anyone who needs help.

Imagine shattering your fibula and, just weeks later, losing your home to a fire. Most would have thrown in the towel, but not Heather! Her resilience shines as she shares, "Life may have thrown me a lot of curve balls where I could have said 'forget it, I give up!' and I never did." Heather says “The sky is the limit, and I am here to reach the stars.”.  We do not doubt that she will reach ANY goal she sets for herself, whether it is the sky or the stars.

Heather's power combo is Resin Rockers UV Resin Original Formula Hard Type and the MagicCure™️ LED lamp, of course!  Why? Because they make crafting on the go a breeze. Oh, and did we mention Heather's cross-country journey with the MagicCure™️ LED traveling lamp? 🚗💨 Since it is 100% portable, she took her MagicCure™️ LED lamp on an EPIC road trip, documenting its adventures for all to see. Her social media posts showcased not just the lamp but also the ease of use, making crafting accessible wherever life takes you. We can't thank Heather enough for being a tremendous beacon of creativity and support.

Now, let's talk about Heather's behind-the-scenes magic. 🌟 As a Resin Rockers moderator and administrator, she's not just a creative genius—she's one of the folks who makes up the heartbeat of our community. Heather embodies the Resin Rockers spirit—encouraging, helpful, and perpetually positive. Her loyalty and friendship make her an invaluable part of our team, and we feel incredibly blessed to call her a friend. 

Heather, your journey lights up the resin world, and we're lucky to have you spreading your Midnight Serenity magic and Resin Rockers love to everyone you meet! 🌙✨

Want to check out Heather's work? You can find her at the links below!

🤘🏻Website  -  🤘🏻TikTok🤘🏻YouTube - 🤘🏻Facebook

Stay tuned for more inspiring creators and their remarkable journeys in the upcoming editions of our Creator of the Month series.