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Ice Cube Transparent Silicone Mold for Epoxy or UV Resin Art (makes 60 at once!)

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the "Ice Cube Transparent Silicone Mold for Epoxy or UV Resin Art" - the coolest way to level up your resin creations!

Are you ready to chill with 60 ice cubes at once? Our silicone mold is here to freeze the competition and make your resin art stand out. Whether you're a resin enthusiast or a pro artist, this mold will have you saying, "Ice to meet you!"

Crafted with high-quality transparent silicone, this mold is a game-changer for epoxy and UV resin art. Its clever design ensures easy release, so you won't have to wrestle with stubborn ice cubes like you're in a wrestling match. With 60 cubes at your disposal, you can create an icy wonderland of coasters, jewelry, or even unique tumbler toppers.

But hey, this mold isn't just about quantity; it's also about quality. The silicone material is perfect for achieving crystal-clear results, adding an extra touch of frosty elegance to your resin masterpieces. And did we mention it's dishwasher-safe? No need to worry about cleaning up after your creative adventures. Just toss it in the dishwasher, sit back, and let the machine do its magic while you enjoy a well-deserved break.

Whether you're an experienced resin magician or a curious beginner, this mold will make you the coolest artist on the block. So go ahead, break the ice and unleash your creativity with the "Ice Cube Transparent Silicone Mold for Epoxy or UV Resin Art" - because art is always better on the rocks!

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Material: Transparent Silicone

QTY: 1 piece

Size: 7.64 inches x 5.31 inches x 1.06 inches