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Instructions & FAQs for Resin Rockers Thiquid Pigment Paste



  • To color or tint your Resin Rockers Epoxy Resin.


  1. Shake well for at least 20 to 30 seconds.
  2. Unscrew Flat Cap.
  3. Remove foil seal.
  4. Replace with a pointed tip cap.


  1. Tip bottle upside down and apply light pressure. 
  2. Squeeze to slowly add 1 drop at a time to your epoxy resin as desired and stir thoroughly and completely in between each addition. One drop is enough to tint your resin with a transparent hue. 
  3. Repeat this process until desired hue is achieved.
    Please note: Neon colors and lighter colors (yellow and orange fuchsia purple, beaming blue, green, ) may not be opaque. Black, White, red, and patriotic blue can all be opaque

Shelf Life

The average shelf life of Resin Rockers Thiquid is approximately 1 year. Once open, the liquid paste may thicken over time. Be sure to store in a cool dry place, and make sure to shake well before use.


Can I use Thiquid with UV resin?
No, Thiquid is made specifically for epoxy resin.

What can I use to measure my Thiquid?
A Dropper Tip. Each bottle comes equipped with a precision dropper tip, allowing you to measure by drop. It does not take much to tint your epoxy. Use about 4-6 drops per 100 MLs to color your epoxy. Less drops may be needed for the Super White and Super Black.

My resin seems really bendy and I cannot get it to cure right.
Scale back on the Thiquid. Only a few drops are needed. Make sure you are working in a non-humid temperature controlled environment.

How do I store my Thiquid?
Store upright in a cool, dark place.

Can I use mica powder or glitter in addition to the Thiquid?

Does it matter what kind of glitter I use?
YES! Always check the label and make sure it is manufactured with PET – a high heat and solvent resistant material.