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Welcome to Resin 101!

The #1 most-asked question we get: “What formula do I use to make (insert project)?”

UV vs. Epoxy Resin – What’s the Difference?

Think of UV resin as the quick-change artist – a liquid-to-solid magician under UV light. No mix, no fuss. Straight from the bottle and into a masterpiece. The best part? You’ll have a finished product in minutes.

Epoxy resin?It's the dynamic duo of synthetic polymers. Mix these two parts, and voila! You've got a chemical reaction resulting in a quality product that cures in 24 hours.

Meet Our UV Resin Formulas:

UV Resin Original Formula
Fast-curing, crystal clear, never sticky, and a ‘go-to’ for most projects, the UV Resin Original Formula is like the Swiss Army knife of UV resin formulas

Perfect for:
o Acrylic blanks and keychains
o Badge reels and phone grips
o Barrettes and hair clips
o Shaker charms
o Mold casting up to 2 inches (UV-safe molds only)
o As an adhesive
o Repairing items
o Sealing snow globe tumbler bottoms
o Jewelry casting and coating
o Small preservation pieces
o Fishing lures
o Adhering embellishments to tumblers

UV Resin Skim Coat Formula
Built for paper-thin coats, this is the first UV Resin geared towards full coverage, quick coating for pen making, and other items such as scissor handles, badge clippers, handheld tools, and more!

Perfect for:
o Coating and glittering pens, staplers, mice, chalkboard erasers, pharmacy spatulas, scissors, weeding tools
o Sealing vinyl
o Sealing pen wraps
o Sealing glitter on a tumbler
o Sealing pinstripes on a tumbler
o Adhering frustration-free rings

Color Burst UV Resin
For when your project needs a vibrant pop of color.

Perfect for:
o Acrylic blanks
o Mold casting
o Jewelry casting
o Suncatchers

Quick Drip UV Resin
Get drippy with it! Quick Drip UV resin formula creates an amazing drippy effect for pens, tumblers, and other projects in a matter of minutes.

Perfect for:
o Drip effects on tumblers, jewelry, pens, freshies, and jars
o 3D resin art
o Marbling when used with Original Formula UV Resin

Soft Coat UV Resin
Provides the gentle touch needed for flexible pieces.

Perfect for:
o Casting flexible plugs for snow globe tumbler holes
o Furniture bumpers
o Coating stickers
o Coating faux leather like earrings, bookmarks, key fobs
o Sealing a snow globe pen

Meet our Epoxy Formulas:

Resin Rockers Perfect Pour 1:1 Premium Low Viscosity Casting Epoxy Resin is a high-performance 2-part epoxy art resin that is self-leveling, scratch, and water-resistant. It will give you a super glossy liquid glass finish and unbeatable depth and clarity.

Perfect for:
o Casting in epoxy molds
o Keychains
o Jewelry
o Trays and signs
o Coasters
o Larger preservation pieces
o Dice

Perfect Finish Premium Epoxy Resin For Fine Art and Tumblers
Formulated with the tumbler artist in mind, Perfect Finish is a low odor, easy-to-use, high viscosity, 1:1 ratio, 2-part epoxy system that cures to the ultimate crystal clear, scratch-resistant finish. It has premium UV protection against yellowing, prolonging it better than most formulas on the market today.

Perfect for:

o Tumblers
Protecting Fine Art Pieces
o Bar Tops
Table Tops
o Doming and Top Coating
o Globes and ornaments
o Sealing wood
o Jars and vases

NEW Fast Finish Premium Fast Set Epoxy Resin for Tumblers
COMING SOON in March 2024! Keep an eye out, because this one's going to be a game-changer!

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