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Resin Rockers 1:1 Epoxy Resin FAQs & Pro Tips



How long is the working time with Resin Rockers 1:1 Epoxy Resin?
The working time is completely dependent upon your work environment (temperature and humidity). The colder the temp or the more humid the environment, the slower the cure. It also depends on the depth of the pour. If you are using this as a coating resin, it will cure rock solid within 20-24 hours. If you are pouring in 1/4 of an inch layers, it will take about 24 hours.

What is the heat resistance of the 1:1?
282 Degrees F

How do I know my piece is cured?
It will not be sticky to the touch. We always recommend you at least give it 24 hours before checking. A warmer room will help to speed up the cure.

Why is my piece flimsy?
You may not have mixed the resin and hardener enough. You also need to remember to transfer it to a new cup before the pour. Environment can also be a contributing factor. Very humid or cold environments can delay or even prevent the proper cure. Low quality alcohol inks can also affect the ability to cure properly.

Why isn’t the epoxy sticking to the surface of the acrylic blank or other surfaces when coating?
Like all epoxies, you must first prep the surface by sanding and cleaning with rubbing alcohol and a lint-free cloth. If you do not rough up the surface, the epoxy has nothing to adhere to. This goes for tumblers also.

Our resin is not a fast-set resin. It is also thinner than most so you may have to use more than other fast-sets but the end result is worth it. Does it matter what kind of glitter I use?

YES! Always check the label and make sure it is manufactured with PET – a high heat and solvent resistant material. 

Can I mix epoxy and UV?
No, not in a liquid state. You can however dome your pieces made with epoxy once they are cured or layer pieces by lightly sanding with 1200-grit sand paper, wiping with rubbing alcohol, then finishing.

What happens if my Part A (RESIN) turns crystal-like or thick over time?
This can happen due to a temperature shock, especially during very hot or very cold climate changes. This can also happen if you are storing your resin in a humid environment, allowing water vapor to enter the bottle. If this happens there is an easy fix. Simply place your Part A bottle in a hot water bath with the lid off (hot cup or bucket of water), keep switching the water out to make sure it is still hot, until the resin is restored to its normal state.  You may also pour it in a cup and bathe it in another cup of hot water and stir until it restores if your bottle is large. This formula is sensitive to storing it per the guidelines is every important.

Is Resin Rockers 1:1 Epoxy Resin safe?
Absolutely - if you use the proper protective equipment! Formula is FDA Compliant. It is non-toxic once cured and is safe to use inside as long as you are in a well-ventilated area. Epoxy resin is a chemical. It is important to protect yourself by wearing nitrile gloves, long sleeves, and a the proper mask. List of recommended safety products

Is Resin Rockers 1:1 Epoxy Resin FDA food grade?
Formula is FDA Compliant. To consider a product food safe, the end product must be tested. Since every project is made by a different person, a different way, every product would have to be tested individually. However, once Resin Rockers 1:1 Resin fully cures, if prepared properly, it becomes food safe, per FDA code 21CFR175.300.

Can Resin Rockers 1:1 Resin be used to coat tumblers?
Absolutely! Most resin artists prefer our resin due to its clarity, quick cure, and less fuss with micro-bubbles! It has a premium UV inhibitor providing excellent protection  from yellowing for 1+ years depending on the level of sun exposure. Keep in mind this not your average epoxy.  Resin Rockers takes a bit of a learning curve, especially with spray paint. 

How is Resin Rockers 1:1 Resin different from other tumbler resins?
Our resin is not a fast-set resin. It is also thinner than most so you may have to use more than other fast-sets but the end result is worth it. 

Can I use Resin Rockers 1:1 Resin on tumblers if coated with spray paint?
As long as the spray paint is matte, not glossy, completely dry, and you have followed the proper instructions to prep the cup beforehand, it should be fine. Artists who use our products solely love the end results.