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Resin Rockers UV Resin Skim Coat FAQs & Safety Info

Resin Rockers Skim Coat is the first UV Resin geared towards quick thin coating for pen making, and other items such as scissor handles, badge clippers, handheld tools, and more! It has a self-leveling property that works identical to epoxy and is built for thin coats. 

Resin Rockers UV Resin Skim Coat is a quick cure, medium viscosity coating resin, and adhesive chemical. Everyone reacts differently to everything, so it’s important to wear nitrile gloves, a respirator mask, and appropriate clothing to protect your skin, in addition to working in a well-ventilated area.

Lamp Wattage and Cure Time
We recommend using a 24-36W UV lamp - the higher the wattage the faster the cure. You may go up in wattage if you prefer, however keep in mind the higher the wattage, the more fumes you will emit. 


Very Thin Coats Done in Layers & Glazing
Great for layering thin coats with a gloved finger (Finger Cot) or thin silicone brush. If coating pens, this formula is more viscous, allowing you to coat quick and even.

Repair & Adhesion
Fix bubble pits in cured epoxy resin pieces or adhere phone grip or badge reel blanks

Sealing, and Protection
Finish custom pens or other pieces that require a thin coat while providing maximum UV protection to prevent yellowing over time

*Pro Tip: If adhering UV resin to a piece that was coated with epoxy first, sand lightly with 1200+ grit sandpaper and wipe clean with rubbing alcohol and a lint-free cloth

How to Coat with UV Resin Skim Coat:

Gloved Finger
Prep piece as directed and make sure it is clean. Using a gloved finger, squeeze a small amount directly onto the piece you would like to skim coat. In the same direction, run your gloved finger along the piece until an even coat is achieved. Add glitter or vinyl if you choose. Allow the resin to self-level and then cure under the lamp for 60-180 seconds. Repeat until you reach desired look.


What Products Can I Use with Resin Rockers UV Resin Skim Coat:

Only use polyester glitter formulated for resin (PET). Do not use too much or your piece may be brittle. Resin makes the piece more durable and there needs to be enough of it throughout.

Pro Pearl Mica Pigment Powder
Use Pro Pearl sparingly (a dusting). If you use too much it will not cure properly.


Other Pro Tips:

*Let your pieces rest at least 10-12 hours after final coat. The piece will continue to cure to its rock-solid state

*Let pieces cool to touch before handling

*To clean tools, cure reusable stick and mini silicone cup in lamp to easily pull resin away. Use tape to remove any remaining particles

*This resin is meant to be used in extremely thin coats on items such as pens. It is not meant to be used to dome or coat acrylic blanks in thick layers. It is also resistant to flash curing.



What is Resin Rockers UV Resin Skim Coat used for?
It is mostly used to coat items with a very thin and even coat, such as custom pens and other accessories.

Can you use this formula of UV Resin to seal acrylic blanks?
It is not recommended to be used on acrylic blanks unless you are using the finger application method and the coat is paper thin.

Do I need to warm my resin prior to use?
No, there is no additional prep needed.

Can you use this formula of UV Resin to dome?
It is not recommended to be used in thicker layers.

Do I need to apply heat after I apply the resin?
No. Since you are only applying a paper thin layer, no heat is required.

How long does it take a thin layer to cure?
60-120 seconds.

What is the recommended wattage for the Skim Coat?
You can use 24-54W to cure it.