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Black Peppermint Candy Polymer Clay Pieces for Epoxy and UV Resin Art

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Venture into a world where classic meets contemporary with our Black Peppermint Candy Polymer Clay Pieces. Melding the timeless appeal of peppermint swirls with a modern monochrome palette, these clay charms introduce a chic twist to traditional delights, making them a sophisticated choice for epoxy and UV resin artistry.

Solvent and water-resistant, they work great in all types of UV or Epoxy resin pieces, including liquid shakers.

*No color fading or bleeding
- Safe for resin art, tumbler making, slime, nail polish, crafts, soap making, etc.
- High heat resistance
- Solvent resistant

Material: Polymer Clay

Measured by weight: Approximately 15g

Please remember photos may portray a slightly different color shade, but we assure you won’t be disappointed!