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Christmas Cheer Combo Set of Shattered Dreams Cut Glitter Mixes for Epoxy and UV Resin Art

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This combo set includes 6 varieties of glitter mixes and is the perfect way to get the variety you are looking for without breaking the bank! 

The Shattered Dreams Cut in this glitter mix introduces a captivating element of depth and complexity. As you incorporate this glitter into your resin projects, watch as the shattered dreams come to life, refracting light and creating a mesmerizing interplay of colors. The result is a truly unique and eye-catching finish that pays homage to the emotional intensity of a boy band's music.

- No color fading or bleeding
- Safe for resin art, tumbler making, slime, nail polish, crafts, soap making, etc.
- High Heat Resistant
- Solvent Resistant
- High Quality (made with PET)
- High Shine
- Mixed in the US
- Ships from the US - Fast shipping!

Please remember photos may portray a slightly different color shade, but we assure you that our Pixie for Poxy won't disappoint you!