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Exclusive Resin Rockers Heavy Duty Canvas Apron with Pockets and FLAIR

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This is the MOTHER OF ALL CRAFTING APRONS!!!  This was designed by Mandy herself, thinking through all of the things she is tired of reaching for at her work station. There are pockets galore, perfect to store all your gadgets and tools. There is even a towel strap to hang your shop towel and spray bottle for easy access and a large top pocket for your phone. The straps are extra long to fit all sizes and the back has a nice embossed criss-cross to keep the apron fit nice. There is a slit at the bottom to make walking and sitting easy.

This comes with RESIN ROCKERS FLAIR!!! We will be including a 3 inch embroidered Resin Rockers Mold Up patch, as your first piece of flair. Patches will be releasing regularly so you can add to your flair. 

Material: Cotton Poly Canvas - Heavy Duty but lightweight to keep you cool.

Color: Chocolate Gray


  • 1 size fits all! Fits XS-4X+
  • Clips to detach straps easily at the top for washing apron (wash delicate and hang dry)
    • To clean straps, wipe with damp cloth only
  • Towel  & spray bottle strap
  • 2 large pockets
  • 6 small pockets
  • Embossed faux leather criss cross back for comfortable strap placement