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Preservation Memorial CONQUERing Custom Spinner Bezel Created LIVE by Resin Rockers CEO Mandy Hull

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Style: CONQUERing Photo Bezel
Color: Gold

CONQUERing RING OR NECKLACE BASE NOT INCLUDED. These can be purchased separately in our shop here.

Introducing a unique and profoundly personal creation from Resin Rockers—an exclusive custom Preservation CONQUERing Spinner crafted by our visionary CEO, Mandy Hull. This extraordinary piece transcends the boundaries of conventional accessories, as it not only showcases Mandy's exceptional artistic talent but also offers the opportunity to incorporate a cherished photograph or remains (ashes or hair). 

Mandy can create this piece on TikTok live or offline if you prefer. Please follow the steps below to complete your purchase and provide the items needed:

  1. Purchase the bezel option of your choice. Please note in the order comments if you want your bezel completed live or offline.
  2. If you selected the photo option, please email a high res png or jpg photo to and reference your order number.
  3. If you selected the hair or ash option, please send approximately a teaspoon size of the remains sealed in an airtight bag. Tracking info must be emailed to with the order number included.
  4. Once your order has been processed and the items required are received, we will reach out to schedule if the live option is selected.
  • Please expect 2-4 weeks of competition time after our team receives the items required. Order volume may also affect the completion timeline.
  • Shipping will be calculated as standard. When finished, your bezel and any remaining hair or ashes will be sent to the shipping address provided.
  • CONQUERing RING OR NECKLACE BASE NOT INCLUDED. These can be purchased separately in our shop here.