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Red Roses Polymer Clay Pieces for Epoxy and UV Resin Art

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Drench your creations in the timeless allure of passion with our Red Roses Polymer Clay Pieces. Evoking tales of love, desire, and poetic beauty, these clay charms harness the essence of the most iconic bloom, seamlessly blending romance and artistry into your epoxy and UV resin projects.

Solvent and water-resistant, they work great in all types of UV or Epoxy resin pieces, including liquid shakers.

*No color fading or bleeding
- Safe for resin art, tumbler making, slime, nail polish, crafts, soap making, etc.
- High heat resistance
- Solvent resistant

Material: Polymer Clay

Measured by weight: Approximately 15g

Please remember photos may portray a slightly different color shade, but we assure you won’t be disappointed!