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Go With The Flow Snow Globe Chunky Ballpoint Pen Soft Coat UV Resin Crafting Kit

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Color: Silver

**Use Resin Rockers Soft Coat UV Resin around the rim of the seal will create a rubbery grip to ensure your pen stays secure. We recommend brushing Resin Rockers Soft Coat UV Resin around the seal, curing, and then reassembling your pen.**

Customize pens with a snow globe effect filled with liquid and a vibrant array of glitter, clay, and other inclusions to match your mood or style! 

Shake, twirl, and be spellbound as they twinkle back at you with every movement. 

Indulge in a whimsical writing experience and bring a dash of magic to everyday tasks.

**Please keep in mind, due to the design of these pens there is not much room for a full barrel of ink so the ink will need to be refilled more quickly than a traditional ink pen.  You can find refills here.

What's in the kit?

-10 pens with fillable chambers (Available in silver, gold, and rose gold)
-2 oz. bottle of Snow Globe Solution with a built-in nozzle
-1 mini jar of Diamonds and Pearls Super Sparkle Iridescent Premium Pixie for Poxy Microfine Glitter
-1 3D printed PLA Snow Globe Pen Stand 

(random color - Teal or Pink)
-10g Resin Rockers Soft Coat UV Resin
-BONUS glitter spoon! (random color)

Suggested Items: 
SOLD SEPARATELY- Our clay combo packs are perfect to pair with this kits

-Pen Crafting Dowel Holders Set of Two if you wish to glitter the base.

-Skim Coat UV Resin if you wish to glitter the base or seal in vinyl.