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Highland Cow Mold and Polymer Clay Bundle for UV and Epoxy Resin Art

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Transform your resin art into a Highland Cow-themed masterpiece with our exclusive bundle featuring everything you need for creative perfection.

This bundle includes:

  • Highland Cow Polymer Clay Pieces
  • Highland Cow UV Safe Tray Coaster Mold
  • Highland Cow UV Safe Badge Reel Mold
  • Highland Cow UV Safe Keychain Mold

Whether you're a seasoned resin artist or a beginner exploring new creative horizons, this bundle promises to elevate your projects with its versatile molds and charming clay pieces. Embrace the allure of Highland cows and bring your artistic visions to life with confidence and style.

These molds will cure amazingly with Resin Rockers UV Resin or Resin Rockers Perfect Pour 1:1 epoxy resin. Epoxy resins with less than a 24-hour cure time are not recommended, as they could potentially damage the mold.

    Resin Rockers molds are:

    • High quality
    • Durable
    • Ships from the US

    Material: Transparent Silicone

    3 molds and a 15g bag of polymer clay pieces

    *For resin casting only; not suitable for food.