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Resin Rockers 1:1 Premium Low Viscosity Coating and Casting Epoxy Art Resin with Advanced Air Release Formula Kit

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Kits: 8 oz. Resin & Hardener (4 oz. A + 4 oz. B)


Looking for a phenomenal casting resin??? This is it!

Resin Rockers 1:1 Epoxy Resin, i
s a high-performance 2-part epoxy art resin that is self-leveling, scratch, and water-resistant. It will leave you with a super glossy liquid glass finish and unbeatable depth and clarity. It is widely used as a premium craft resin to create jewelry, arts and crafts, large canvas artwork, and makes a fantastic tumbler coating resin due to its food-grade capability.

Resin Rockers Resin 1:1 can also be used to coat coffee tables, river tables, side tables, bar tops, countertops, and live-edge tables.
Why Resin Rockers 1:1 is the Artist’s Choice:
  • Advanced Air Release Formula (Ditch that pressure pot!)
  • Crystal Clear Super Gloss Finish
  • Self-leveling & No Shrinking
  • Scratch and Water Resistant
  • 100% VOC-FREE & Little to No Odor
  • High UV Resistance with a Premium UV Inhibitor
  • Rock Hard Cure within 24 hours
  • Food Grade once Cured (FDA Compliant)
  • Easy to Mix in Color / Pigment
  • Advanced Formula for Strength

Slightly Viscous, High Clarity, and Low-Heat When Mixing

VERY LITTLE BUBBLES. Clarity will be restored after just a few short minutes of stirring. PRO TIP: To reduce the number of micro-bubbles, it is important to bathe your resin in warm water for at least 15 minutes prior to mixing. Remember to stir slowly, let your resin rest for 5-10 minutes, and pour no deeper than 1/4". Then hit it with some heat to eliminate bubbles (hot air gun, heat gun). This resin, like all 1:1 mixes, will only be clear if you pour in thin layers and get the bubbles out with each layer. It is important to pour while the first layer is still sticky.

Here is a video of the bubbles rising after stirring: Watch for yourself here.
While this will help reduce bubbles, you will still have bubbles unless you follow the guidelines. CLICK HERE to view our Resin Rockers 1:1 Epoxy Resin FAQs and pro tips.

If you are looking for a crystal clear deep pour resin, Resin Rockers 2:1 Resin is the better choice.

Crystal Clear Super Gloss Finish
Liquid glass finish with unbeatable depth and clarity formulated to use within all coating and step casting applications. Great for coating and sealing.

High UV Resistance
All epoxy will yellow over time but it can be prevented with a high-grade UV inhibitor additive, like the one used in Resin Rockers 1:1 Resin. Resin Rockers 1:1 has been proven to remain crystal clear for a longer period of time than our competitors. Our mission is to make your resin art last over time.

Easy to Mix with Pigment (color)
Resin Rockers 1:1 is formulated to easily accept and distribute mica pigment powders, liquid pigment, pigment paste, alcohol inks, and dyes into the resin.

Food Grade Safe by the FDA Once Fully Cured
Resin Rockers 1:1 has been tested by the FDA code 21CFR175.300 which states “Resinous and polymeric coatings may be safely used as the food-contact surface articles intended for use in producing, manufacturing, packing, processing, preparing, treating, packaging, transporting, or holding food” can be used as a functional barrier between the food and the substrate and intended for repeated food contact and use.” Once you add other inclusions, pigments, or other mediums to the epoxy, it would have to be re-tested for safety. It is always recommended to use a final coat of 1:1 for safety.
Advanced Formula for Strength
With tables, tabletops, and countertops, strength is extremely important. Resin Rockers 1:1 Resin is formulated with an 80+ Shore D Strength Rating when fully cured.
Our product has no volatile organic compounds

Little to No Odor
Most customers are pleasantly surprised!
Self-leveling and No Shrinkage
Reduce your working time and frustration with our self-leveling formula - no shrinkage. 

All kits include a sturdy reusable stir stick:)

Tumbler Info:
Resin Rockers 1:1 Epoxy Resin is loved by many for casting and coating, however we like to tell our fellow tumbler makers that are used a thicker, fast-setting epoxy, this one is much different. This is a much thinner epoxy than most tumbler resins so it will take practice and patience to nail it, especially if you have never worked with a thinner formula. Most of our casting customers love this formula for tumblers due to our premium UV Inhibitor to resist against yellowing. However, this resin is not for everyone when it comes to tumblers. Please read our terms and conditions prior to purchase - we cannot offer returns on open or received epoxy resin.
  • We recommend at least .75-1ml per oz. of the tumbler to make sure you have enough for an even coat. It is worth the premium UV inhibitor and the shine but again, there will be a bit of a learning curve:)
  • Also, we do not recommend alcohol inks for tumblers aside from the Pinata or Tim Holtz brand. Too much alcohol ink or a low quality ink can cause the inability to cure and repelling. It can also cause contamination.
  • If you are using glitter on your cup, be sure to use PET (high heat resistant glitter) otherwise it will contaminate the resin and can cause oxidation.
  • If you are spray painting the cup, DO NOT USE Gloss, Semi-gloss, or satin spray paint.  Our resin works best with matte only and it must be completely dry for at least 24 hours before applying the epoxy.
  • Do not use our epoxy over another brand of epoxy. This can cause repelling or fish eyes, especially if the other epoxy is still degassing.

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