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Resin Rockers UV Resin Original Crystal Clear Hard Type Ultra Fast Curing

149 Reviews
Size: 15g (.5 oz.)

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Click here to see the yellowing test results!

Known globally for its yellow resistance and crystal clear, non-tacky finish, Resin Rockers UV Resin is the best in its class. We are now offering smaller sizes so you can try it to see for yourself:)

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PREMIUM GRADE UV INHIBITOR to protect against dreadful yellowing. See a comparison between our top competitor's resin and ours after 6 months of sun exposure here.
NO MORE TACKINESS! See for yourself here!

After testing all the competitive UV resin out there, we noticed all of them left a tacky residue, and a hint of yellow so went on a mission to develop one that leaves your resin crystal clear, with no yellowing, no big bubbles, and no tackiness.

Resin Rockers UV Resin is the first product of its kind to leave all your creations crystal clear, durable, and not tacky!

  • Fast Curing - cures in about 60-90 seconds
  • Safe
  • Easy to Use
  • Non-toxic Once Cured
  • Low Viscosity
  • Crystal Clear High Gloss Finish
  • Extremely High UV Resistance - Anti-yellowing
  • Works amazing in jewelry!

Please note: Higher wattages are ok but this is a fast-curing resin so you must cure for less time under the lamp. Curing for too long at a high wattage can cause any UV resin (all brands) to yellow slightly. Higher wattages can also emit more fumes so it is best to go with the lower wattage when possible.

If cured correctly, the end result of Resin Rockers UV Resin is crystal clear, rock-solid, and gorgeous!

PLEASE READ:  Your safety is our #1 priority so it is important you follow all precautions. This goes with any brand of UV Resin.

  • Age recommendation for use is 15+
  • Wear nitrile gloves to protect the skin in case of an allergy
  • Wear a mask if you have respiratory sensitivity. All brands of UV Resin can let off fumes when it first starts to cure. It is the chemical reaction that occurs when the UV light penetrates the resin itself. We always recommend safety precautions with any chemical product.
  • Work in a well-ventilated area

FAQs and Tips:

  • If using a mold, only use one that is stable enough to hold the shape of the resin as it cures or it will warp. We have a list of UV approved molds on our website.
  • Be sure to work in thin layers for best results when using a deeper mold. It can cure up to 1/2 inch or so as long as the light can penetrate all the way through. It helps to cure on the top for 60 seconds, then flip the mold over and cure a little on the bottom.
  • If adding metallic flake inclusions, let the piece cool 1-2 minutes after the cure. It can get hot.

Active Ingredients: Acrylic UV Resin

Check out our Instructions and FAQs to learn more!

Questions? Need help? Our support team will respond within 24 hours:

Sizes to Choose from:  1kg (35 oz.)
                                        250g (9oz.)
                                        50g (1.7oz.)
                                        30g (1 oz.)